Global Health Insurance

We offer aLc products to expats requiring a comprehensive health insurance which matches German legal requirements.
aLc provide two plans - PRIMA Premier and PRIMA Classic.
PRIMA Premier covers hospital and out-patient treatment as well as optional dental, maternity and  evacuation / repatriation.
PRIMA Classic is similar to Premier but with limits on some levels of cover. The Classic plan excludes Routine Health Checks, unlike Premier , which includes Routine Check-ups (including optical and audio), vaccinations and rehabilitation, all after 12 months cover.
Different geographical areas of cover are available: 
  • Europe
  • Worldwide excl. USA
  • Worldwide incl. USA 
Excesses/deductibles: there is a standard excess of € 180 per annum but you can choose a lower or higher one.
Payment can be in Euros, Pounds or US Dollars by bank transfer, direct debit from a UK bank account or credit card.
The Benefit schedules, as well as the certificate of insurance and claim forms, are available in English and German.
The aLc health insurance plans are 12 month contracts which can continue for life on an annually renewable basis. The insurer cannot cancel your contract on grounds of ill health or number of claims but only because of non-payment or false claims or declarations.
aLc complies with relevant German Legislation under German Insurance Contract Law VVG § 192 + 193 and is registered with BaFin, enabling it to offer visa-friendly health insurance products for all freelance, self-employed and non-working expats, including non-EU citizens.

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