Dental and Pregnancy Cover - Germany

Important information for aLC clients/ visa applications

Dental and pregnancy are normally optional cover with aLC insurance. However, since the legislation in January 2009, for the purposes of obtaining a Residence Permit in Germany, the Ausländerbehörde ( Foreigners office ) are insisting that Dental cover for all, and Pregnancy cover for females, be compulsory. There is nothing aLC can do about this.

Prior to January 2009 this was not the case and you may well hear other expatriates who obtained their insurance before this date saying they didn't need it. Even for some time after 1.January 2009, not all Ausländerbehörden (or even not all the officials in the same Ausländerbehörde building!) were consistently requiring this.

It is evident now, however, that it is now invariably being required. ALC are still offering it as optional. In some cases it is not available at all - e.g. females aged 55 and over. It will, however, only be offered on the following terms:

If a policy is taken on instalment payment terms and does not include Dental and/ or Pregnancy for females and is subsequently declined by the Ausländerbehörde, aLC will cancel the policy and reissue, including the relevant cover. It does cost time, additional work and therefore money to cancel, re-underwrite and re-issue policies, so subsequent re-issue will only be on payment of the full annual premium-i.e. no instalment terms will be possible. It will also take up to 14 days to re-issue, so return appointments to the Ausländerbehörde should not be made before this time.

This annual premium requirement will also apply to any cancellation and subequent re-issue, for example, on default of premium payments at any time.

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