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BREXIT, British citizens and the implications regarding health insurance cover in Germany

Well, the summer will hopefully be long but Halloween will eventually arrive and perhaps - if it doesn't get extended yet again - a "no-deal" Brexit!

What is already happening? Many British citizens already living in Germany have been written to by the relevant Registration Office inviting them to apply for Settled Status. What does this incur?

Well, apart from having to show proof of income etc., British citizens also have to show proof of  valid health insurance. This is easy for employees, who are always covered by German public or private health insurance.

But there are countless others who are self-employed or non-employed.  Many are legally covered by German public or private insurance and many are also legally covered by private international insurance so far (SO FAR!!).

Others “ get by “ (illegally ) by using their EHIC card for years – though this is strictly speaking not acceptable as soon as people register their abode in Germany and are not just tourists or students etc.

Others have some kind of “ cheap “ temporary German equivalent of travel insurance (examples being CareConcept and Mawista ) – though these are not really acceptable for the self-employed, who must also proof they have long term nursing care insurance (Pflegepflichtversicherung ).

Some have private international insurance from outside Germany and, in many, cases, these are still valid but for low long? The lack of the long term nursing care insurance clauses could cause serious problems for those seeking Settled Status.

What about those British citizens still planning to move over to Germany now or in the very near future?

Basically, if coming over with self-employed or non-employed status,  they can still apply for German health insurance but the noose is tightening. In my dealings with both public and private German health providers, it is clear a NO Deal Brexit could lead to non-acceptance of applications of British citizens.

So, my advice to both those currently living and working in Germany or those who are planning to move over soon – contact an independent insurance broker specializing  in dealing with expat issues.

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