Company or Office Liability Insurance

In most cases, the owner of premises renting out rooms or office space for your business will demand proof that you have company or office third party liability insurance to cover any possible personal injury and property damage..

We can help you with the right insurance for your office, whether you are a tax consultant, insurance agent, architect, notary, business consultant, travel agent, advertising or marketing professional, language school owner, graphic designer, estate agent, lawyer, life coach-basically, it's for anyone who runs a business from an office.

How much does this insurance cost?

That depends on the number of people working in the office, including the owner of the company.

For example, insurance cover for €10,000,000 for up to eight people may cost around €120 a year and between €10 - € 12 more for each extra employee.

What does this insurance cover?

• damage to the environment
• builder's liability
• damage to rented rooms through fire/explosion
• damage to rented rooms through other causes
• water damage
• financial (pecuniary) losses
• damage through loading and unloading of goods
• electrical or gas damage
• loss of third party door keys/cost of changing locks
• you and your co-workers are usually covered while doing your work outside 
• your office