Invalidity insurance for children

Flexible, economical and reliable

Lifelong pension either through illness or accident

The invalidity insurance is wider-ranging than a standard children’s accident insurance. It pays out not only after an accident with permanent damage but also in the event of a serious illness such as epilepsy, diabetes, cancer or serious developmental disturbances.

The agreed pension is paid out lifelong if the degree of invalidity is at least 50%. That way, your child’s livelihood is secured.

In case of disability - whether because of accident or illness - a one-off payment equivalent to the value of 24 months‘ pension is also paid to help with rebuilding suitable for the handicapped in a house or flat. The money can also be used to pay for complicated therapies which may not be paid for by public health insurance. Support is also available for rehabilitation programs to help your child to live as independent a life as possible.

This insurance can be taken out after a baby is at least one and a half month’s old - as long as its state of health allows it.

 Payments and cover  YES         Pension
 Invalidity because of accident or illness  Thumbs up Monthly Pension: €500
Lifelong pension for invalidity over 50% up to € 2,000 a month  Thumbs up  
An extra one-off payment of the equivalent to 24 months‘ pension  Thumbs up  
Changing to an adult invalidity insurance without a health check  Thumbs up Monthly Pension: €1,000
Exemption from premium payment if the policyholder dies  Thumbs up  
Exemption from premium payment if a monthly pension is paid  Thumbs up  
Rescue costs after an accident up to € 10,000  Thumbs up Monthly Pension: €1,500
Poisoning through solid and liquid substances even after a child is ten  Thumbs up  
Diving-related damage to the health is considered an accident e.g. eardrum damage, Caisson’s disease / decompression or drowning or choking to death under water  Thumbs up  
Physical damage occurring in an attempt to save human life or property is also considered an accident  Thumbs up Monthly Pension: €2,500
Invalidity caused by tick bites is insured  Thumbs up  
Congenital illnesses are insured if unknown at the time the contract is signed  Thumbs up
Poisoning by clouds of dust, acids, gases and vapours is insured  Thumbs up We are only too happy
to provide you with
full details
and to make
you a quote without any obligation!
Rehabilitation management  Thumbs up  
A newborn baby is insurable from the sixth week of its life  Thumbs up  
 A one-off payment of € 5,000 is made in the case of death through an accident  Thumbs up