Contributions to Public Health Insurance 2023

What employers and employees pay into the system

Once a year, there are changes regarding what employers and employees pay into the “system“. Listed below is a summary of contributions towards health insurance, long term nursing care, unemployment insurance and state pension for members of public insurance from January 2023.

  • Health insurance
Employees 15.5% of gross income (slight variations depending on the public Fund )
Self employed/ freelancers c. 15.5% of  income they pay all themselves…

  • Long term nursing care / Pflegeversicherung
c.3.05% of gross income
Additional charge for members without children 0.25%

  • Unemployment insurance
2.5 % of gross income

  • Compulsory state pension
18.6% of gross income

Employee and employer will share the costs of  the health insurance contributions.  The other insurance costs are also shared 50 / 50 between the employee and employer.

Income threshold for health insurance

Compulsory public health insurance for employees earning up to € 66,600  p.a. from January 2023. Optional private health insurance for employees earning over this amount. Maximum contributions to public health insurance are based on an income of  €4987.50 per month.
Maximum contribution of  the employer for private health insurance is € 384,58 a month plus up to 26,06 euros for the so-called Zusatzbeitrag (which varies from Kasse to Kasse ) and € 69.20 for compulsory  nursing care.

PUBLIC INSURANCE FOR FAMILIES: spouses and children earning up to € 485 a month can be on the other spouse´s public insurance free of charge…if earnings are higher than that, they have to take out their own insurance. A MINIJOB up to € 320 a month is still exempt from this ruling and the spouse can remain on the other spouse´s public insurance contract