Protecting your treasure - Your children

Why do we parents have to protect our children? The answer is very simple: nobody else will!

We know that all children face risks while growing up but we push these possibilities from our minds. Serious illnesses or accidents or unexpected tragedies such as losing a parent are an unfortunate reality of life.

There are financial challenges which have to be overcome and can be if we are prepared! Our responsibility begins the day a child is born and doesn't end when they finally leave home. So much can happen over a period of time that it's wise to make early provisions.

Every child is different but they all have to go to school, many want a higher education and need money not only to live but also to buy expensive books and pay for accommodation, a driving licence, the first car, maybe spend some time abroad..............this all adds up!

So, what can we do for our children?
Insurance and investment products provide several options to help parents meet the costs of further study and ensure children can fulfil their dreams.
Whichever possibility you choose helps your child while he or she is growing up and later in life. Even small monthly savings of (for example) €25 - €50 can make a big difference long term. Grandparents, uncles and aunts and other responsible members of your family can also give your child the gift of financial security and a good future.

Make sure your children always have something to smile about!