Long Term Nursing Care


All residents of Germany have, since 1995, had to pay into a long term care insurance (the Pflegeversicherung). Contributions are made through a percentage of the premiums in either their public or private health insurance. (Averaging 1.9 % of gross income)

Since January 2009 most international private health insurance policies from UK, Ireland, US etc. have become unacceptable in Germany because this social insurance is not covered.

What does this "Pflegeversicherung" cover?
  • Personal hygiene -  help with washing etc.
  • Preparing food -  help with eating and drinking
  • Household - help with shopping, cleaning, washing clothes etc.
  • Mobility - help with standing up, walking, dressing, visiting a doctor etc.
  • Nursery care - changing bandages, giving injections and medicine etc.
There are three levels of care according to patient needs:
  • Level I - at least 90 minutes per day help at home
  • Level II - at least 3 times a day up to 3 hours plus household help
  • Level III - full time assistance daily either at home or in a nursing home
However, insurance payouts from the Pflegeversicherung are often insufficient to finance the high costs of care, especially for a nursing home, averaging around  € 3,000 a month.

We recommend everyone over 40 to consider a private supplementary care insurance if they intend to stay in Germany or elsewhere in the EU long term.

We are all in the same boat - all of us get older, not all of us stay healthy. Let us send you details of the most successful nursing policy on the German market with several options available. 

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