Coming from abroad without Health Insurance

Information for non-EU citizens applying for residence

Since January 2009 it has become increasingly difficult-especially for non-EU citizens, but not only - to get the right health insurance.
Non-EU citizens also have the problem that to get a residence permit they need to show they have a legally acceptable health insurance. This was easier before 2009 for freelancers when popular international insurances and even American, Canadian, Australian ones were approved by the 'Ausländerämter' (visa authorities).

This has all changed!


German law states that ALL residents must have “adequate“ health insurance.

Insurance companies in Germany must comply with the requirements of the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht -(BaFin)- the Federal Financial Services Supervisory Authority.
Expats applying for a residence permit (in accordance with §5 (1)(1) AufenthG) must know that residence titles are only granted to persons who can secure their livelihood, including having adequate health insurance.
Contrary to widespread opinion (even sometimes at the Ausländeramt offices ☺!!), German legislation with regards to all residents having to have health insurance does not specify that the insurance company should be a German licenced company but rather a company licenced in
BaFin has published a list of acceptable international insurers – we can check whether yours (if you already have one) is on that list.
This gives rise to problems for non – EU-companies,eg US, Canadian, Australian, South African etc. because their products are not legally recognised in Germany for anyone who is registered as living in Germany.
It is also very difficult for non-EU citizens arriving in Germany to take out private or public health insurance without already having a long-term visa.
German passport holders: some Germans have lived outside Germany all their lives and want to come here without ever having been insured in the system here. According to §5 Absatz 1 Nummer 13 (Sozialgesetzbuch 5.Buch) SGB V, they are allowed to sign up for public health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung).
Exception: This is, however, NOT the case for those who have been working as freelancers or self-employed! Anyone in this situation coming to Germany must find a private health insurance solution.
Gunn & Partner will help you to obtain comprehensive health insurance at an affordable price and which is acceptable to the visa offices in Germany.

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