Liability Insurance for Health Care Professions

(Excepting non-medical Practitioners and Chiropractors)

Private liability insurance is, of course, essential and we've written about this elsewhere. But this does not necessarily help you in your business life. Legally speaking, it's often a requirement that certain professions take out a different insurance. 

There are many healing professionals who need liability insurance for their business. We offer an economical tariff for a wide range of occupations, including: masseurs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropodists, dietitians/nutritional or dietary advisors, speech therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, remedial educationalists, carers for the elderly, yoga teachers, fitness trainers and so on.

Cover includes:

• damage or harm to people and property
• damage to the environment
• damage to rented rooms through fire/explosion
• builder's liability
• financial (pecuniary ) losses
• damage caused during use of internet technologies
• loss of door keys
• loss of property belonging to visitors and employees
• water damage
• damage through wear and tear
• damage caused by medical equipment (medical saunas and swimming pools)

Important - the owner of the business and up to 4 employees are insured with this policy.

These are just the highlights and are not a substitute for the full terms and conditions in the German original.

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