Household Contents Highlights

Highlights in English

Here is a second example.

Insured risks:
  • fire 
  • burglary 
  • robbery
  • vandalism 
  • tap water 
  • storm 
  • hail

Household contents: Unlimited
Valuables in dwellings of permanent residence 
Cash: €5,000
a: savings books and other securities
b: jewellery, precious stones, pearls, stamps, phone cards, coins
and medallions, gold-and platin objects
c: furs, handmade carpets, works of art, silver objects, antiquities
(over 100 years old), except furniture, collections: €50,000 in total
Insurance outside the home: €40,000 
Theft from ship cabins during a cruise: insured
Lightning damage/ implosions: unlimited
Damage caused by a flying object: unlimited

Extended cover
Waterleaks from an aquarium or water bed: unlimited
Built-in furniture (belonging to tenant or landlord): €20,000
Damage to frozen goods (because of power failure): €500
Office areas (used professionally) inside the insured address: €15,000
Damage caused by leaking of water from saunas and
swimming pools: unlimited
Waivering of gross negligence: unlimited

Extended cover (theft) 
Bicycle theft, worldwide, 24 hours: €600
Theft of objects from a locked vehicle (excluding cameras and
video cameras, mobile phones, PCs, laptops and accessories)
within the EU and Norway and Switzerland, Andorra and
Liechtenstein: €1,000
Theft at work of personal belongings: €500
Theft of prams: €1,000
Theft of garden furniture: €1,000
Theft of washing machine and drier from a community room
Insured costs: €1,000
Cost of hotel if dwelling is totally or partially uninhabitable: €150 per day
Clearing up and transport costs, changing locks, warehouse fees: €100,000
Temporary repair of damage to buildings, security measures: unlimited
Emergency travel costs for return from holiday if expected
damage is over €5,000: €3,000

Glass insurance 
Windows, furniture glass, aquarium: unlimited

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