Contributions to Public Health Insurance 2012

Listed below is a summary of contributions towards health insurance, long term nursing care, unemployment insurance and state pension for members of public insurance.

Health insurance

Employees 15.5% of gross income

Self employed/ freelancers 14.9% of gross income pay all

Long term nursing care / Pflegeversicherung

1.95% of gross income

Additional charge for members without children 0.25%

Unemployment insurance

3% of gross income

Compulsory state pension

19.6% of gross income

Employee pays 8.2% and employer pays 7.3% of  the health insurance contributions. The other insurance costs are also shared 50 / 50 between the employee and employer.

Income threshold for health insurance

Compulsory public health insurance for employees earning under € 50,850 p.a. Optional private health insurance for employees earning at least this amount. Maximum contributions to public health insurance are based on an income of € 45,900 p.a. or € 3,825 per month.

Contributions to health and long term nursing care insurance

Employee  Public Health Insurance Nursing Care 
With income benefit after 43 days:  €592.88 (maximum)  €74.59 or €84.15 
Without income benefit: €569.93  €74.59 or €84.15 

Maximum contribution of the employer for private health insurance is €279.23 and  €37.29 for nursing care.